Women's Warm and Safe Heated Base Layer inc Controlled Battery

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These new base layers from Warm and Safe really are a game changer

This version is supplied with a 5.2ah battery which has it's own built in controller, it also comes as standard with a UK charger, you can change those options in the drop down boxes

Some of the images show the optional extra glove liners which are not included

W&S have always kept to the original principals with heated clothing, like manufacturing liners that actually fit under your jackets/trousers etc, ensuring that not only are they usable but provide the most possible heat and greatest convenience.

The problem with trying to run traditional liners from a portable battery was the power consumption was so high that battery size was completely impractical, but not now, W&S have solved this by creating a body hugging, form fitting base layer, as it sits so close against your skin there is very little heat loss and so requires less power, this system runs on 7.4v and is supplied with a battery of your choice which allows mobile use, even with the smaller battery (5.2ah) you will get around 4 hours heating depending on battery condition/charge and setting with the 7.8ah battery it's around 6 hours, these batteries are very small and light and come supplied with your chosen charger and a pouch with belt clip and short (26cm) extension cable

"We have been working on this for a few years. There are many people that need to stay warm off the bike but with a limited power supply, we had to design the Heated Layer to work with a 7.4 volt battery. We had to balance heat and time and weight. The greater the voltage, the greater the weight of the battery for the amps you need because as you increase voltage you increase the need for more amps. More amps, again, more weight. Then to get good heat with a battery that you can carry, you need to focus the heat. But then if you try to use more voltage, such as a car or motorcycle or a power supply off the main power, you get too much heat. We have solved that problem with our new Heated Layer Heat-troller. With this new controller, you can run the Heated Layer from 6.8 volts to 18 volts."

See the size chart image above by clicking on "View larger image" and scrolling through the images

The Heated Layer has 8 areas of heat. The chest, sides of the chest, upper arms, neck and lower back.

Has connections at the end of the sleeves for gloves or glove liners.