Warm and Safe Dual Remote Heat Controller


Price: £114.95

1150 points

A unique a very well thought out control system to keep you at the right temperature without all the cables

The remote unit simply unplugs from the bike when you wish

Yes, it incorporates a wireless control
two dial inputs gives infinite adjustment plus of course the off position

The very small black box goes inside the pocket (the Warm and Safe jackets have a dedicated inner pocket for it), it connects to the power input leads of your heated garments, the input lead to the black box dangles out in place of the garment lead, so all you have is one lead hanging out to plug in just like if you had no controller at all

The remote unit which is about twice the size of a matchbox goes virtually anywhere you like, it is supplied with velcro pads or you can select the optional belt pouch which of course has a belt clip on the back, this could even go on your tank bag
The controller and remote are of course waterproof but I'd sugegst removing the controller for washing the garment

Optional items:
Fused battery connection harness
Pouch with belt clip

The connections on these are the same as all the popular heated motorcycle garments out there and as such will work with them too