warm and safe heated glove liner
  • warm and safe heated glove liner

Warm and Safe Heated Glove Liners

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Price: £49.95

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A very well designed heated glove liner, thinner than most and with heating elements that run around each finger right round the tip where it matters most and a double element around the thumb
A great benefit of these it the lack of a loose cable for connection as that is a very common weak point with others

These can plug directly into the heated jacket liner sleeves or you can choose the optional fused harness and long Y cable to use them independently, just by routing the long Y lead through your outer jacket, one length down each sleeve and the other hanging out of the bottom of your jacket, the fused harness attaches to the motorcycle/vehicle 12v battery the socket of which hangs out the edge of your seat

It is important to remember that if your existing gloves are a good fit these will make your gloves too tight
It's far better if your existing gloves are loose or you intend to buy a pair of gloves to go over these (try the new gloves on whilst wearing the liners), that way you're not stuck with the existing heated glove manufacturers designs and are free to choose your own


Measure around the widest part of the palm of your hand below the knuckles not including your thumb (in inches)...

XS = 6 inches
Small = 7 inches
Medium = 7.5 inches
Large = 8 inches
XL = 9 inches
XXL = 10 inches
XXXL = 11-12 inches


The glove liners are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of One year. Defects in the heating wires are guaranteed for the life of the garment. General wear and tear, damage by abuse or accidents are not covered.