Warm and Safe Single Portable Controller


Price: £59.95

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We have stopped stocking these as there are now more viable alternatives...
On the tech side there's the single wireless controllers and on the budget side there's the 5 position controller which can later be changed to wireless with the adition of a wireless head unit

I can still get these in to order if you insist but they may take a couple of weeks to arrive here

A robust single portable controller from Warm and Safe, the Kings of heat trollers

Solid construction with a dial input giving an infinitely variable setting including the off position, with optional belt clip pouch and optional fused battery harness
Supplied as standard with velcro pads, it's easy to connect these to a fused harness under your seat for example and run the cables to somewhere convenient to afix the dials with the velcro, I like to fit mine where the seat meets the tank but hey, we're all individuals

The connections on these are the same as all the popular heated motorcycle garments out there and as such will work with them too